Adding Shipping Services

Adding Shipping Services

You can add multiple shipping services to each of your Shopit sales channels - controlling both the distribution of your products and the fees customers pay for them

Connect to Shipstation

To benefit from a national and international network of carriers, exclusive special rates and the ability to print shipping labels, we recommend you sign up with Shipstation. 
Shipstation logo

Shipstation can then be connected to Shopit, so all orders pass into their system for updating. Learn how to connect to Shipstation here.

Adding a Shipping Service

  1. Go to Sales Channel > Settings > scroll to Shipping Services
  2. Add Country > choose the country (this will auto save)
  3. Click the 3 dots next to the Country 
  4. Add a New Service 
  5. Follow the on screen prompts to create your rule 
  6. You can untick regions to block shipping to those areas; or you can apply a surcharge (or reduction) to an area.
  7. Save
Note: You should always have a shipping service that is open ended i.e. 99999999 to account for large orders. For more details see the video below.

Watch the Video