Facebook Product Feed

Facebook Product Feed

Facebook product feeds can be generated within Shopit for Website sales channels

To configure this you will need to enable it for a sales channel

  1. Within Shopit go to Sales Channels > Chosen Channel > Marketing
  2. Within the "Facebook Feed" section, enable, enter a username and password, save the settings
  3. Create a Facebook product catalogue at https://www.facebook.com/products/
  4. Click "Product data sources" and the "Add products" button
  5. Select "Use data feeds"
  6. Select "Scheduled Feed" and click next
  7. In "Enter URL" enter https://yourwebsite.com/feed/facebook-product with the domain replaced with your website domain
  8. Enter the username and password from Shopit and click "Next"
  9. Enter an appropriate schedule and click "Next"
  10. Ensure the default currency matches your Shopit sales channel
  11. Click "Upload"

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