Making Your Site Live - Domains

Making Your Site Live - Domains

When launching a website by changing DNS settings, it can take 0-48 hours for a site to go live. Your website will still be accessible to you via the 'Edit Website' link within Design, or using the previous development url e.g.

Verify Your Domain

In order to serve your site on Shopit you will need to validate all of the domains you want to point to the site (including ones that will redirect).
  1. Log in to your Shopit dashboard
  2. Go to the Design section
  3. Click "Domain Verification"
  4. Verify Your Domain by either
    1. Perform the steps displayed manually
      1. Visit Google Webmaster Central / Google Search Console
      2. Add or select the property (website) you would like to allow Shopit to use - make sure you use the https://
      3. Add the email address as an owner
      4. Google may recognise your domain name registrar (e.g. Fasthosts) and request that you add a TXT record. To do this, visit your domain's Advanced DNS area, and add a TXT record with the information that Google gives you.
      5. If you add your Google Analytics code to the Sales Channel - Marketing section of the Shopit admin, you can verify your domain ownership using the Google analytics option
    2. Use our verification tool
      1. Click "Authorize and load domains"
      2. Click "Validate" next to the required domains

Update Website Domain

Each website must be configured using with the domain you wish to use
  1. Log in to your Shopit dashboard
  2. Go to the Sales Channel section
  3. Either 
    1. Add a new website, or
    2. Go to
      1. Sales Channel - Design - Update Domain (exclude the https://) - this will define the PRIMARY domain name you want to use
      2. Sales Channel - Settings - Website URL (exclude the https://)
Your domain must be verified and have the correct DNS settings

Add Domain Redirect (if pointing additional secondary domains)

  1. Log in to your Shopit dashboard
  2. Go to the Design section
  3. Click Domain Redirects
  4. Add the secondary domain and the redirect url (primary)
Your domain must be verified and have the correct DNS settings

Update DNS Settings

The following DNS settings are required

If you are using Google Domains (we recommend these, as the process becomes simple), then your DNS records should look like this:

Base domains


Any 'Host' records should be '@'

Points to

Sub domains


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