Primary and Secondary Categories

Primary and Secondary Categories

In Shopit, you can allocate a product to a Primary and a Secondary category.

What is a Primary Category?

A Primary category is where a product 'lives' and is reflected in where you go to edit that product. For example, a kids shoe would live in the Shoes category of a website, alongside other shoes for men and women.

What is a Secondary Category?

A Secondary category is where a product is advertised or linked to. For example, a kids shoe may be advertised in a new category that groups all kid products together, or a flash sale category that groups all 'Back to School' items together.

What happens to the product page url

In Shopit the product will always have a simply kids-shoe/18526 {the database product id of this pair}

If a product has a brand e.g. Nike, then that will feature in the product page url: kids-shoe/18526.

Note: This url structure can be customised in your Sales Channel Settings.

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